Better Tasting Brews Battles Calcification and Clogging in Single Serve Coffee Machines

Coffee is one of the world’s top commodities. In Canada, regular coffee consumers drink 2.8 cups a day—a number far lower than some other countries.

How we brew coffee has changed over the past decade. Thanks to the pod machine, we can stock wide selections of coffee at home. Its single-serving nature has led to a surge of new blends ready to serve in two minutes or less. In fact, more than 500 coffee varieties exist for the Keurig brand. This number excludes K-cup beverages like tea, hot chocolate, and soup.

The Importance of Single Serve Machine Maintenance

Single Serve machines put up with lots of abuse. We demand that they produce cup after cup, but we often neglect to clean them. Even the water we pour is usually from the tap, which leads to buildup in the reservoir.

Now let’s think about the sugar and milk-based beverages we put through the machine: the chances of clogging and residual grind become greater. Apart from affecting taste, such things can cause serious damage. Failing to descale can lead to over or under-pressurization. The result: a burnt or watery roast. Not to mention, potential harm to the valves and gaskets.

How The Better Tasting Brews Ultimate K-Cup Kit Contributes to Single Serve Machine Upkeep

The intent of a self-serve coffee machine is not just convenience but also cost-effectiveness. Although the cost of the machine and its pods exceeds that of regular coffee dispensers, you save by reducing waste and excess.

That said, the upfront cost of the Single Serve Machine makes it an investment worth protecting. Now, Better Tasting Brews lets you do just that. Our kit comes equipped with every tool needed to maintain and clean your Single Serve brewer:

    • The World’s best bio-degradable, non-toxic, Descaling agent,
    • Reusable coffee pod (to use your own coffee blends),
    • A suction pod (to clean your water channels),
    • A probe( to unblock your water orifices and channels),
    • A magic clip (to use 1.0 pods in your 2.0 brewer),
    • A cleaning brush (to remove coffee grind or tea leaves from inside your brewer),
    • A specially designed water filter holder with six (6) filters,
    • And two (2) microfiber cloths (one to wipe your brewer without abrasive material that will scratch, and another for your other appliances in the kitchen).
    • As a bonus, we also provide you with an electronic version of our Recipe Book and a microfiber bag with a drawstring – to keep anything your do not want scratched or damaged in!

With the Better Tasting Brews Ultimate K-Cup Kit, prolong the life expectancy of your machine and produce cleaner, clearer coffee each day. It takes no time at all to use—and the results are exceptional.

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