Although K-cups reduce coffee waste, the pods themselves are not recyclable unless separated. In offices and coffee-loving households, this translates into a considerable amount of plastic waste. Thankfully, a few bright minds have found uses for those old pods!

From storage containers to art, there are thousands of online inspirations for reusing your coffee pods. We’ve hand-selected three from the bunch below.

K-Cup Pots for Herbs, Spices and Flowers

If you rip off the foil top, you will discover a small pile of coffee grounds and a mesh filter in every K-cup. Your coffee can go straight into the garden while the plastic casing can be used for growing vegetation indoor. Coffee grounds serve as fertilizer, adding both nitrogen and organic material. In effect, you can improve the drainage, water retention and aeration of the soil.

With your empty K-cups and their filters intact, you can pack them with soil and push a few seeds into the middle. Because of the holes, you will need to seal the bottom of your K-cup or place it onto a tray for collecting leaks after watering. Trays are best because you can cover them with plastic wrap and create a greenhouse effect. That said, you can hang the pods in the sunlight and watch your seeds bloom!


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Freezer Cups for Making Herb-Filled Ice Cubes

If you double up your k-cups, plug their holes and remove their filters, you can use them as ice cube trays. recommends filling the cups with fresh herbs and water. Once frozen, you can pop these cubes into soups or sauces to flavour with freshly chopped herbs!


Jell-O Shots for That Next Party or Celebration

In much of the same way that you can store herbs in the freezer, sealed K-cups make for great Jell-O shooters. The best part: you can dispose of them afterwards to minimize your party cleanup.

Let us know your great ideas for reusing old K-cups and coffee pods!

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