One complaint many K-cup lovers express is that pods take up space. Although pods can pile up quickly, there are ways to convert your K-cup collection into a stylish component of your kitchen! To help you envision how, we’ve organized typical K-cup storage systems into four categories.

Drawer Units

Drawers are common places for coffee pods. Next to cutlery or kitchenware, pods are storable wherever there’s a free corner. That said, if you’d rather countertop drawers, you can buy units tailored to the K-cup shape. These can rest horizontally or vertically—some even stick to the walls.

Single-drawer systems are slim enough to sit underneath the K-cup brewer. Bulkier ones can serve as trays for your favourite coffee accessories.


Glass Jars and Tins

Mason jars, tins and vases are classy containers for your pods. As you might with roasted beans, you can keep your coffee pods beside other herbs, spices and grains. Such an arrangement looks particularly nice along splashback tiles.

Mason Jar


The pantry is the best tool for de-cluttering your kitchen. As you might with boxes of cereal, you can stow away your coffee while keeping it readily accessible. In the pantry, you can keep the original packaging, rather than storing each cup separately. Should you rather, you can also get hanging units that hold K-cups on the door.




You can tote baskets anywhere around the kitchen. So if you think your basket makes a nice centerpiece on your café table, then place it there when you’re not brewing. Baskets are easy to fill and access—plus you can mix in other odds and ends from the kitchen.


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