Like most other appliances, your K-cup machine needs electricity to operate. Yet power cords can break if pinched or surged, leaving you without your own source of energy.

For expensive appliances, replacing a broken cord makes financial sense. However, for a K-cup machine, which runs $100 to $200 per unit, buying another power cord isn’t your best bet.

Consider the Keurig Replacement Power Cord on it costs $29.95 (plus taxes and shipping)—that’s between 15 and 33 percent of the machine’s total cost. Not to mention, failing to install the new cord properly makes your coffee maker a fire hazard. In such cases, you might be down more than the cost of the machine and its new cable.

Instead, just be preventive. Ultimately, shorting is the biggest electrical risk your K-cup machine faces, so buying a few purge protectors can keep it safe. Most come with extra outlets anyway, so you can group other appliances onto the same power strip.

How Surge Protectors Work to Protect Your K-Cup Machine

Surge protection strips are the least expensive solution for preventing shortages. They are also easy to implement. Simply plug the strip into the wall, then your appliances into the strip. Some come with an on/off switch, too.

Power surges use special fuses that can handle sudden voltage spikes. Some are designed to fail while other absorb and suppress the extra energy. Regardless how, it acts as an electrical barrier. This ensures your appliances receive only the energy they need and nothing more.

Another preventive measure you can take is unplugging your appliances when not in use. If you’re not keeping the K-cup machine on all day, then it makes no difference to you if it stays plugged in or not.

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