Hotel rooms typically come equipped with a coffee machine, two to four mugs and a packet of coffee grind. Some even offer more modern appliances like K-cup brewers and a collection of pods. Those that have switched to single-serve machines have done so out of convenience: guests can make a great tasting cup of coffee with little effort. Unfortunately, this is often not the reality of the K-cup.

Issues with Hotel K-Cup Machines

Generally, hotel coffee makers are not well maintained. While the staff may perform general cleaning duties, these machines rarely get descaled. This is problematic because hotel tap water is softened with salt. Salt ruins the taste of coffee, plus it can build up in a machine rather quickly. Especially if the tank is left full and unused for a lengthy period, deposits can form and the water can stale.

Likewise, K-cup machines are compatible with a variety of brands, so you never know what guests brewed previously. It could have been the pods supplied by the hotel or some specialty drink with sugar and milk. Consequently, there’s likely leftover flakes and flavours.

Solving Hotel Coffee Problems

Before travelling, pack descaler to rid your hotel’s coffee machine of unwanted minerals. Using a professional descaler makes this process much easier and efficient. It takes fewer cycles to flush and promises more noticeable results.

To preserve the cleanliness of your newly flushed machine, use bottled water from the mini-fridge to brew your coffee. That said, avoid spring and mineral water at all costs—look for the distilled varieties.

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