Keurig no longer manufactures the only K-cup compatible machines. Enter any supermarket and you’ll find half a dozen brands that make single-serve brewers. As a consumer, choosing the best product can be a pain—especially with many close in price. To aid in your decision, we’ve highlighted standout features worth weighing.

Mug Platform Space

The drip tray on many single-serve brewers rests close to the coffee dispenser. Consequently, only wide and shallow mugs fit on the platform. This means no travel containers or tall glasses. Always consider the height of your favourite mugs before buying a machine. Ideally, the brewer you pick will be adjustable.

Brew Size Selections

Some brewers allow you to select small, medium and large drinks. Others default to a regular-sized cup of coffee. Those offering more options permit you to adjust the strength of your coffee and fit a wider variety of mugs. For instance, if you like bold tasting coffee, opt for less water.

Reservoir Capacity

Although K-cups go by the mug, you might find a big water tank more convenient. Large reservoirs need filling less often and store greater amounts of heated water. In effect, you can brew more cups of coffee faster, which benefits families, offices and people who entertain.

Add-On Appliances

The new Keurig RIVO comes with an onboard milk frother, making it the perfect latte companion. Other brands have followed suit with onboard and external steamers. If you like a variety of coffee-based beverages, such extras might interest you.

Automatic Timers

Despite it taking only two minutes to brew coffee, some people like their machines to preheat automatically. Newer k-cup machines have auto on-off setting that you can pre-set.

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