With more than 400 varieties available for K-cup, we can get specific with what coffee we enjoy most. Interestingly, research suggests that our coffee choices actually say something about our personalities. This includes its roast as well as how we take it (i.e. cream, milk or sugar). So think of your favourite blend, then see if you fit the personality profiles below.

BonusHuffington Post drew up some entertaining infographics that visualise many of the points below. Check them out!

Light Roasts

Light roasts tend to have subtle earthy undertones and more acidity. Because of the weaker taste, most light coffee drinkers prefer to not dilute it with milk or cream.

According to the studies, black coffee drinkers are said to lead rather than follow. They are straightforward, simple and ambitious. Although black coffee drinkers are generally quieter, researchers believe them to also be moody.

Medium Roasts

Medium roasts boast a balanced profile. For this reason, they come in a variety of flavours and coffee-based beverages. For instance, cappuccino drinkers are known as detail-oriented, artistic and motivated. They are obsessive and controlling, but nonetheless friendly.

On the other hand, latte drinkers follow trends, make safe choices and act youthfully. Research posits latte drinkers are most conscious of their appearances.

Dark Roasts

Dark roasts are bold and rich. However, they can taste acrid and burnt, leading many drinkers to add cream. Regardless, dark roasts are often for younger coffee drinkers who crave excitement. The bigger flavours sometimes reflect their lifestyles—lavish and dramatic.

How close did the above descriptions come to your own coffee preferences and personality? Leave us a comment below!

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